Void Fountain
Cantera Stone.
Made in Guadalajara with Marmoles Covarrubias.

Fountains are common objects in public spaces in Mexico. Often outside, sometimes inside, they bring freshness and give a powerful feeling of wellness. The sound and movement of water flowing is mesmerising.

While water becomes more and more scarce in many places in the world, I wanted to design a fountain which does not give the feeling of abundance but rather of void. The liquid flows slowly from the outside to the inside, as if the water is drained toward the center and disappears. The piece acts like a collector and gives a precious feeling to water as it shows its rareness.

Made in the local Cantera volcanic stone, the Void fountain aims to be a statement piece which makes us reflect on the future of water. It gives us a new perspective and invite us to cherish our vital liquid.

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