Triple Pyramid & Upside Down Pyramid
Collaboration with Bram Vanderbeke

Nilufar Edition, made for the exhibition FAR, Milan Design Week 2019.

The Pyramids are built following a very simple construction of laser-cut aluminium components. All their parts fit together without the use of screws, rivets or welding. From this modular system, many different scales and shapes can be drawn, suggesting an endless opportunity for growth. Repetition, orthogonality, functionality, interlocking forms, modules,: the Pyramids project embodies these concepts and methods but nevertheless manages to evoke a completely different image.Through repeated gestures, the pyramids grow like totemic objects, far beyond their possible function, sometimes in spite of it. They can contain objects, function as shelving or bookcases, tables of various shapes and uses, but, nevertheless, they offer themselves as nude sculptures, fascinating skeletons with fascinating surfaces. The pyramids are fleshless, the structure is directly covered by a reflective metallic skin that mirrors the light and its surroundings – a textured matter that's able to twist the brutalist aesthetic of the pieces, accentuating their symbolism.

Text: Valentina Ciuffi
Pictures: Pim Top & Jeroen Verrecht

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