Textile Fountains
Diverse materials.
Influence, Biennale du Textile Contemporain.
Collaboration with Bram Vanderbeke.

Textile Fountains is an entrance installation designed for Influence, the contemporary textile Biennale in Oloron-Sainte-Marie. The main idea is to create urban fountains from which textile is falling. As the water was an essential element of the development of the textile industries in this area, we believe that creating fountains was the strongest tribute we could give to the event. These installation elements are implemented within the site of the Biennale and will guide and attract visitors.

Smaller elements are spread around the area of the Textile festival, and work as an introduction. The larger, monumental fountains work as a gathering place where many smaller elements come together on a central construction. These bigger fountains create a meeting spot in the public space, they can be used for short term seating, where people will be surrounded by textiles. The textile part of the installation has been designed by experimenting with the idea of water in mind. Many techniques were used to create an idea of stream and flux.

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