Solid Selvedges
Discarded acrylic textile fibers, acrylic resin.
New Order of Fashion / Sunbrella

Sunbrella, world leading brand of technical textiles for outdoors, is re-thinking the future of their factory wastes. Most of Sunbrella’s products are made with solution dyed acrylic, which provides resistance and long-lasting colours whilst also being recyclable. However, Wendy Andreu recognised that the water repellent resin coating the textiles prevents the recyclability of the material and as a result, discarded Sunbrella selvedges are sometimes sent away to be burnt to fuel another factory. Consequently, Wendy Andreu has developed a new technique to ensure the continued sustainability of Sunbrella’s waste and to establish a fresh perspective regarding the value of their waste. Using the discarded fibres as a raw material, Wendy Andreu has combined them with a water based, solvent free acrylic resin to create a strong and versatile substance, which is at the same time aesthetically pleasing.

Pictures: Gert-Jan van Rooij
Wall piece: Liz Collins
Assistant: Emma Emch
Text: New Order of Fashion

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