Inked Scenery
Fireproof cotton, silicone, Indian Ink, silicone.

The piece Inked Scenery I designed especially for the new Mont-Blanc Haus in Hambourg has been inspired by the gesture of leaving a mark. From left to right, a multiplicity of dark lines are running onto a white canvas. They grow into a mountain shape and seem to continue their race outside of the canvas. The idea of a free movement that normally happens on a piece of paper is here enlarged to a 9 meters long hanging tapestry to enhance the action of writing. These inked lines become a landscape. 

This monumental work can be appreciated from a distance, but if you come closer, it will reveal hidden words that are adding surprising layers to the piece. 

Inked Scenery is made with an innovative composite fabric made of cotton rope and silicone. The off-white colour of the cotton and the darkness of the silicone are representing the paper and the ink. Their vibrating contrast of the materials, added to a hand-made fabrication gives a true « artisan » expression to the piece.

Pictures: Daniel Schäfer

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