Dragon Chair + Ottoman
Cotton, silicone, foam, zip.

The Dragon Chair and its Ottoman were made with a non-woven textile technique I have been experimenting with since 2014. I call this technique Regen.
The textile here is not woven not knitted but glued. The cotton’s fibers get stuck in the silicone creating a composite material. The textile volumes of these two pieces are constructed in a single shape, without any loss of material, and without any sewing.
Wooden molds were first manufactured, their shapes are matching the general volume of the final pieces. The off-white cotton rope was laid by hand, following an organic pattern. The black silicone is then applied, creating a graphic contrast with the light rope.
Once dry, the textile 3D volumes are extracted from the molds and put inside out.
They are then upholstered with foam.

Upholsterer: Anais Jarnoux
Pictures: Pim Top
Model: Diane Sagnier

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